We often talk about some products of baby and young child bedding have a wide range of uses however it’s reasonable to say that fleece blankets are extremely flexible.

The soft qualities of the fleece fibre guarantee that your child will be snug and warm when covered up. You must always beware when using a cot or cot bed fleece blanket during the summertime as they are not particularly breathable. In fact its rather possible that you baby or toddler may overheat and end up being very sweaty. Its always best to use a cellular blanket in a babies bed in warmer conditions as these are extremely breathable.


In winter you can use a fleece blanket over the top of your children bedding but make sure that you fold it listed below the fold line of other sheets or cellular blankets that lie over your baby. Its constantly essential to bear in mind that bed linen needs to be kept below your baby’s face in case they become smothered (which is why you ought to use breathable fabrics where possible).

Fleece blankets are also very useful when out and about. They are best for putting over your infant’s legs or in a carry cot as a leading blanket. Its constantly essential to buy a fleece blanket with the correct dimensions to avoid over smothering your child. The most typical size for prams and carry cot blankets is 75 x 100 cms.

Most moms and dads (specifically mums) will want to colour co-ordinate the fleece with other bed linen or nursery items. Well the bright side is that there are lots of producers (including DK Glovesheets and Hippychick) who are producing good quality blankets in a vast array of colour surfaces. Most of today’s fleece blankets are made from polyester but you can buy specialised blankets made from cotton or organic cotton which have the tendency to be dearer than polyester. The recommended cleaning guide for polyester fleece blankets is 30 degrees. (If in doubt its best to refer to the manufacturers directions)

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