1. Conceal all Cords

Exposed electrical cables and pull-strings for blinds are extremely appealing for young children. However, they put them at danger for electrocution or strangulation. Hide electrical cables and utilize a cord-shortener for your blinds.

2. Remove the Trash Can

Garbage bins are gold mine for kids and typically include products that could harm them. Keep your garbage bin in a locked cabinet or in the garage.

3. Cover Electrical Sockets

Electrical socket covers are a necessity with little kids. Kids really do stick little things into sockets and may get stunned.

4. Secure Medications and Cleaners

Never ever leave medications, cleaners, bath oils, nail polish eliminator, or appeal materials on the counter. They might be poisonous when consumed. Keep these products in a high, locked cabinet.

5. Never ever Leave Coins or Little Things on the Counter

When cleaning out your pockets of handbag, do not leave coins, buttons, or other little items on the counter. They are choking hazards. One may be surprised how high little arms can reach to grab fascinating objects off counters!

6. Bolt Bookcases to the Wall

Tall and heavy furnishings needs to be bolted to the wall. Schedule cases and dressers are particularly hazardous because children might climb them and they can tip. To avoid accidents, screw heavy furnishings to the wall or purchase specifically developed straps to secure them.

7. Keep Knives, Glass, and Appliances up High
Sharp items, glass, and small home appliances should be stored in high, locked cabinets. Be particularly cautious of the contents of lower cabinets, even if they are latched. Your kid may outmaneuver the lock. Never keep cleaning up chemicals in a floor-level cabinet.

8. Cushion Sharp Furnishings Edges

While your young child is first learning how to walk, it may be smart to cushion sharp furniture edges. Corner guards and soft bumpers secure toddlers from injuring themselves on the pointed edges of low tables.

9. Use Gates and Doorknob Covers

If there are areas of your home that are not thoroughly childproofed, secure the entrance with an infant gate. Door knob covers are exceptional methods to keep children out of rooms as well. It is recommended to put doorknob covers on any door leading outdoors so that little explorers can not leave without supervision.

10. Install Infant Gates at the Leading and Bottom of Stairs

Stairs are incredibly hazardous for young toddlers, so set up baby gates at the top and bottom. The type that screws into the wall is preferable, due to the fact that pressure gates might be pushed over. Likewise, utilize railing guards if your balusters are more than 3 inches apart.

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